Anyway. Tfa swindle is a cat

-he had cat paws

-will steal your things

-big kitty eyes

-probably would knock things off someone’s desk to annoy them.

How about I tfa talk on the Transfomers instance!

Me: I don’t wanna be overly grumpy and rant online too much

Also me:

Decepticons in rescue bots but they’re more silly because it’s kids tv.

Swindle conning everyone by selling cheap stuff that transforms into jewlery stealing drones.
Everyone assumes the Jeep with its black windows up just has someone inside

The constructicons start rebuilding the town, not as a decepticon plot but because Scrapper is offended by the out of style architecture.

Personal onion but if tf tv series’s are gonna queer code villains said villains should be shown to be queer & there should be queer heroic characters.

Honestly I’d love moral complexity via ‘decepticons love too’

Or goofy g1 jokes like ‘stupid sexy starscream’ but it’s a joke based on starscream being a villain rather then gender.

It’s early morning I have no idea what sense I make.

I wanna thank everyone here for their kind donations to my freind, you’ve really helped them!

However they’re short on money for food right now, and anything anyone can spare would mean a lot to me.

If you can boost this I’d greatly appreciate it <!3

Me: I know this series won’t just have all my faves in, it doesn’t work like that

Also me: *chanting* constructicons, constructicons—

i wish I could watch cyberverse so badly it looks so good!


If Lugnut is a lady then she’s still married to Strika imo.

Even if that’s not cannon I’m still gonna be like *points* gay.

Folks if you can’t dinate please boost, it’d mean a lot to me.

This is a friend I’ve met though transfomets. Please help them if you can

Tbh I’d love to read /old/ g1 fic. Uh well I’m not gonna lie it is because I’m a big queer .

But also to compare to modern fics honestly. In terms of language and social treatment of gay relationships within fic 🤔

Lewd mention / Transfomers 

I’m always amazed at people who do on model g1 rude things.

That’s like. Robot sex Tetris on extra hard mode.

if you’ve heard g1 was silly, cheesy and weird, I can guarantee it’s eveb stranger when you watch it.

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somtimes I forgot how truly silly g1 *was*

The autobots going to Hollywood.

‘A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court’ the entire episode.

City of steel.

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