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hmm. Are all triple changers in TFA like Blitzwing?

Also the idea robot multiplicity works like that is kinda interesting.

I sorta want a g1 fic with triple changes but more how the human version works.

I’d love another series like tfa that just mixes stuff up,

Possibly different genders for main character bots.

This is unrelated for me being a bit gay for the idea of gruff medic lady robot ratchet. I swear.

tfa is a fun take on Transfomers in general and it’s continty and I need to watch it again

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tfa Optimus Prime is such a fun take *on* Optimus Prime imo.

Hello I’ve been rather busy.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post here soon!

I love how small and cosy this instances, yet there is enough interaction to have fun!

What headcannons for do you have that just kinda stick?

I always see Arcee as a trans woman and Lazerbeak as female for example.

Hmm I really wanna watch g1

I miss that old cheesy 80’s weirdness

Pin-up pose, because reasons.
Photo of third-party Transformer figures based on their IDW G1 comic counterparts: SXS R04B Hot Flame (Lost Light Ver.) and Mastermind Creations Reformatted R33 Collisus Brave.
#Rodimus poses in robot mode in front of #Thunderclash in vehicle mode, parodying the pin-up photos of people standing in front of vehicles. Rodimus is leaning forward with one hand on his leg and the other hand holding a gun. Thunderclash is backlit with an LED flashlight behind him.
#Transformers #ToyPhotography #LostLight

in case anyone *is* curious, my icon is Servo from Transfomers rescue bots.

He’s a cybertronian mincon, designed to assist in rescues—who happens to look like an earth dog.

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Robots in Disguise 2015 Combiner Force #Starscream peers over the edge of a shelf. Photo angles upwards.
#Transformers #ToyPhotography
More toy figures squatting. Robots in Disguise 2015 Combiner Force #Blurr squats next to Robots in Disguise 2015 Combiner Force #Starscream, who is sitting slightly cross-legged on the edge of a votive candle holder. They both are situated on top of a plate, and ceramic figures are visible in the background. #Transformers #ToyPhotography

personal opinion but imo, Rescue Bots had its very good moments and was quite complex at times for a Transfomers tv show aimed at young kids.

I might be bias because there *was* a robot dog.

Transfomers toys / lewd , but not actually 


‘ you wanna toy collection?’


‘this is my g1 Optimus prime, he’s got good sticker condition, here’s tfa Blitzwing and g1 Jazz...’

Alien robot food. 

is it weird oil cake actually sounds tasty?

Like I picture it as dark brown and kinda chocolatey

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Poking fun at Transfomers fanfic trope 

Shockwave in fanfic or

‘Locgically this is logical logic’

Alien robot food. 

I love how in cannon and fannon robot food is usually

Metal + earth food type

Since my adoring fans demand of me--BEHOLD!

I, Starscream, Lord of D U C K S!

Abuse? Stunticon thoughts 

Okay but id love a transfomers g1 deconstruction thing.

About the stunticons being built as adults but with no real parental figure other then Megatron and flung into war only days old experience wise.

They’re not ‘evil’ but psycologically hurt up from neglect and indoctrinated. They do bad things but do they know any better?

plus neglect and attachment trauma can give mental health issues. *points at breakdown*

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