Done with grading for the semester! Did art, and hopefully giant robots and kaiju intersect as an interest here. Human Queen Mothra: 

Needed to do quick fanart for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Mothra is best queen. Since she’s from China, went with traditional royal daxiushan and swallow tailed hems to make sure she’s nice and flowy (plus butterfly and waterfall motifs!). Now I need to draw her bara Japanese husband.

Not robots, but a dog in a shirt. 

I made a barong for a dog, so he could walk down the aisle in style with his dads.

So, I’ve got a 3D printer and a need to make my own mecha models - does anyone know of any sites specializing in designs? A lot of the thingiverse ones are 3D models with no articulation or anything, or just things like heads for switching out, not full model kits.

Hello World!

I figured it was time to find a new social media platform - I would like to offer an old piece of perler bead art of my marshmallow child, Tailgate, as my . (is a tag here?)

Scramble City

A small, friendly Mastodon instance for Transformers fans.