From what I know, cyberverse chapter 2 episode 1 will be out tomorrow (2019-09-07).
I haven't been on here in ages and I don't think I'd be that active, but I /am/ excited to see the new episodes.
From what I can tell from the trailer, it's nice to see that they decided that one of the themes (not the spark armor thing) was collaboration.
So often, Transformers series focus on robots fighting on different sides, and it's nice to see more depictions of cooperation attempts.

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The IDW reboot comic issue No.1 is out and it is really exciting!
I loved the art and colors in the previews, and I really liked what I read from the TFWiki summary. (I don't have access to the actual comic, so this is how I stay updated).
You know that one "first murder in memory" that the previews were talking about?? Well.. it's a character alright.... (My reaction was "NOOOOOOOOOO")

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TFW2005 posted more previews of the Cyberverse season 2 toys and I have questions.
What is Shockwave supposed to be? Also, Deadlock has vaguely Drift colors but also a Decepticon symbol. Does that imply he goes back to being a Decepticon, or is it just for the toy? Hm.

I saved the images because they'll last longer that this listing. :'^)
Can't buy. It hurts..

I just saw this Ebay listing while going through TFW2005.

Botcon Collectors Club Animated Cheetor!
There are only three available as of seeing it just now (2019-02-07 21:47 GMT -05:00)

I just realized... Soundwave literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

Oh man.. the Cyberverse character designer Léo Chiola's character expression sheets are so good!
Link to what I'm talking about:
Link to more of Léo Chiola's portfolio work on Transformers Cyberverse:

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Can't wait so see what the new Cyberverse episodes have in store! Rumor has it that Megatron and Optimus are going to meet again, but the nature of how their relationship will progress from then on is still nebulous.

That one episode with Shockwave trying to fabricate Bumblebee memories to trick Bumblebee into thinking Optimus wanted to join back with Megatron was just really surprising for me, because how did Shockwave come to the conclusion that such an idea would be believable in any way, unless there was some hint that Megatron and/or Optimus still miss their friendship on some level?

I dreamed that in the new Transformers Cyberverse episodes for Chapter 2, Optimus acts unwittingly mushy and lenient about how he was to deal with Megatron.
Given what Chapter 1 set up with the nature of Optimus and Megatron's friendship fall-out (how it seemed like they just weren't gonna be on the same page anymore), I wonder how much they still want to be lenient with each other (on Optimus's end, since Megatron has historically been pretty unforgiving).

No watermark on this one because I got tired of doing it.
Third-party transformers figures SXS R04B Hot Flame and MMC Reformatted R33 Collisus Brave.
Photo taken with a Canon camera on 2019-01-15 and color-adjusted and resized in Photoshop today.

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at the age old pond
there! and there!
on the snow

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Robots in Disguise 2015 Combiner Force #Blurr and Cyberverse #Shockwave stand in robot mode to both sides of Titans Return #Perceptor and Convex. Perceptor is in microscope mode with Convex standing on one leg. Photo taken on a well lit table with curtains in the background.
#Transformers #ToyPhotography
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