Off Topic Micro-Rant/Mention of Animal Cruelty 

Okay, so I tried to share something on my timeline on Facebook and it's blocked. Because apparently, a post about preventing animal cruelty is against Facebook's Community "Standards". Oh, but videos and photos of actual animal abuse? That's fine. I'm dead sick of Facebook and their hypocrisy; it's gotten to the point where I am avoiding it more and more lately. Even the TF fangroups are toxic.

Maybe I should just jump ship and head over to MeWe.

I hope this goes better than the Hard Hero debacle. Prime and I are still missing busts from that line, when Hard Hero decided to yank the first one hundred busts and hand them over to Diamond Selects. (We were number 67.)

Then, there was me, having to threaten them to send an Artist Proof Bumblebee; it arrived with some damaged paint. So yeah, here's hoping this is better.

Okay, so we know that BotCon is coming back. But Pete Sinclair is involved. Granted, it's in a small capacity but he's still involved.

I don't know what to think right now. We have at least sixteen months to go until the convention--plenty of time for him to step down--so things might be okay. But I have a real problem giving Pete Sinclair my money. He's a nice guy in public, but an absolute bully and troll on social media, which is a tragedy.

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