On episode 5 of the 80s show and there is Wheeled Chair...Epic...


I'm losing my mind okay episode 6 ruined the vibe with a ridiculous message about disability.

@bumblebee yeah...g1 actually had a disabled character but...didn’t do it too great imo. I can tell it’s weitten by abled ppl painfully that one,

Which is frustrating as I e seen few diasbledcchracters well done in Transfomers period. If ever.


@DogBot I was so disappointed that in IDW g1 comics with a focus on functionism there weren't prominent disabled Transformers to go along with that...there are a few things meant to parallel the arbitrary nature of ableism (e.g. Breakdown from Velocitron being considered lesser because of his low speed) but nothing that truly parallels human disability.

Or they could also just make disabled humans properly. :v That'd be nice too.

@bumblebee yeah like, I feel with the ablism/disablity there should have been

A. strong parallel with cybertronian equivalents of disablity

B. Cybertronian disablity that is just like human disablity

Bc functinism ls like a perfect backdrop to make points about ablism? Or to explore what that looks like to a race of giant robots.

And yeah that too. No reason they couldn’t have written at least one disabled,Ed human in there.

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