i think i could get a WR speedrun of tfa the game if i tried just because no one else appears to have speedran it

i dont have the game yet tho it's in the process of being shipped i think


ok i guess the reason there arent any speedruns is because getting good footage of DS games is really difficult idk if i'd be able to do it either :v

@bumblebee I think I've mostly seen people with modded consoles to output HDMI which can then be captured. Then again I've heard Nintendo can remotely ban modded consoles. I'm sure I'm mixing things up by not knowing much about these things.

@Mycroft I think what you're saying is accurate the issue is that getting the mods on a DS is pretty expensive and may require you to ship your console to one of the few people who know how to mod it in this way.

I've also just found out though that apparently cam recordings of games are allowed depending on the speedrunning community so if I were to establish the community for this game (which I need to figure out how to do) then I could just do that. :p

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