Loving the character are on these reveals! In particular I'm super digging 's alt mode design. Not the traditional Tetra Jet, but looks super good!

Anyway. Tfa swindle is a cat

-he had cat paws

-will steal your things

-big kitty eyes

-probably would knock things off someone’s desk to annoy them.

Me: I don’t wanna be overly grumpy and rant online too much

Also me:

Also to tempt anyone who is curious about the cardgame, I have a ton of cards, and am down to trade, sell characters you might want! I can also build decks of common/uncommon stuff for free if you pay to ship it your way!


Prowl: He's a good toy. I don't love his paintwork though and think I'd prefer Smokescreen or Barricade. So I'm giving mine away!


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