George Lucas: And then they get outta the ship to clean off the space bats.

Assistant: Aren’t they on an asteroid in open space?

George Lucas: ok they take masks.

Assistant: but it’s the vacuum of spa-

George Lucas: It doesn’t fucking matter this shit sucks.

==40 Years Later==

Well obviously the exogorths have an atmosphere inside them, how else could the minoks fly with wings you complete idiot.

Loving the character are on these reveals! In particular I'm super digging 's alt mode design. Not the traditional Tetra Jet, but looks super good!

Anyway. Tfa swindle is a cat

-he had cat paws

-will steal your things

-big kitty eyes

-probably would knock things off someone’s desk to annoy them.

Me: I don’t wanna be overly grumpy and rant online too much

Also me:

Also to tempt anyone who is curious about the cardgame, I have a ton of cards, and am down to trade, sell characters you might want! I can also build decks of common/uncommon stuff for free if you pay to ship it your way!

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