[snuggling by the fireplace on christmas eve]

WIFE: what are you thinking about?

nice thread by @Brentosaur over on birdsite about how bizarre the Beast Wars: Metals manga was twitter.com/Brentosaur/status/

"looks like I'm about to enter my Refraktor-y period," i say to the other bus passengers after seeing all the hasbro reveals at nycc

Thinking of doing a video on #Transformers #BeastWars Neo Big Convoy in light of Blue Convoy coming out. Great mold, crazy features.


ya no say daddy me snow me i go blame
a licky boom boom down

you best believe i was humming the imperial march the entire time they failed to reverse park this bad boy

mystery men is a better superhero movie than anything in theaters or on the CW because it's a bunch of dubiously-powered working shlubs in way over their head but willing to work together and do what needs to be done

also Captain Amazing is liberals because he's about the Process and engaging with rivals is theater when his opponent is someone who actually has objectives he wants to achieve

also iirc it's one of the first movies with an interracial couple that isn't about interracial couples

CW: lewd spider-man 

i beat the game, now it's time for some R&R

takara: if you like transformers and ghostbusters, get ready to buy mp-10 again!

me: but i already own that mold in eight different colors and three different sizes and i just put a down payment on the lewin resources versio--

takara: BUY MP-10 AGAIN


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