@ultramagnus I haven't seen the Bay films, so I don't know if they got this close to G1 forms in them, but they're still not close enough for me. I was able to recognize some bots but the colours/shapes are still a little too hard to make out with my optics.

I'll check it out when it comes out on DVD so I can pause / slow motion it if I need to.

@Mycroft Compared to the Bay films I've seen, these are much, much closer to G1 already. But yeah, the "readability" of these CG Transformers continues to be a problem, judging by the trailer.

@ultramagnus I like seeing the G1 design style, but I'm also fine with keeping it associated with the past and Cybertron.

@DinosaurRobo G1 style doesn't make or break the movie for me but it's a nice nod to the fans and it has the added benefit of making some of the robots easier to read in their silhouettes and movement

@ultramagnus This movie looks a lot more readable than the previous ones. The Decepticons have colors, and voices I can understand!


I am most excited that it looks like a script with characters in it instead of set pieces!

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