A collection of Megatron facepalming. For whenever anyone needs that reaction image :0

@DinosaurRobo G1 style doesn't make or break the movie for me but it's a nice nod to the fans and it has the added benefit of making some of the robots easier to read in their silhouettes and movement

@Mycroft Compared to the Bay films I've seen, these are much, much closer to G1 already. But yeah, the "readability" of these CG Transformers continues to be a problem, judging by the trailer.

Thinking of doing a video on #Transformers #BeastWars Neo Big Convoy in light of Blue Convoy coming out. Great mold, crazy features.

added custom transformers-themed emoji because why not? :autobot:

no hard feelings if you decide it's easier to just toot from your original instance, of course! 😉

@cehteshami there's not much you *can* link between different instances at the moment, i'm afraid. in many ways it's like setting up a new email address on a different email server: you can still use it to reach everyone, but you'll have to fill your address book (followed/followers list) and your outbox (timeline) on the new server from scratch.

@superginrai you can change it back to the dark Mastodon theme in settings > preferences, I just felt the light theme was more reminiscent of Metroplex lol

(Bigots, nazis and TERFs need not apply, obviously...)

Scramble.City is now a public instance for all fans in the Fediverse! If you like Transformers, super robots, mecha and related subjects, or you just want a cool instance name to toot from, you can sign up here: scramble.city/about

@superginrai haven't given a lot of thought to that yet but it would have to be LGBTQ+ friendly, no nazis, no terfs

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