Happy New Year everyone! May your 2019 be filled with good health and robots of the transforming variety!

[snuggling by the fireplace on christmas eve]

WIFE: what are you thinking about?

@DogBot "The Dweller in the Depths" as it introduced me to the wondrous world of Lovecraft 🐙

A collection of Megatron facepalming. For whenever anyone needs that reaction image :0

@DinosaurRobo G1 style doesn't make or break the movie for me but it's a nice nod to the fans and it has the added benefit of making some of the robots easier to read in their silhouettes and movement

@Mycroft Compared to the Bay films I've seen, these are much, much closer to G1 already. But yeah, the "readability" of these CG Transformers continues to be a problem, judging by the trailer.

Thinking of doing a video on #Transformers #BeastWars Neo Big Convoy in light of Blue Convoy coming out. Great mold, crazy features.

no hard feelings if you decide it's easier to just toot from your original instance, of course! 😉

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